Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet design for sweet 'lil baby

25 pcs RED VELVET Minicuppies

* with detailed design

1 Kg Butter Vanilla Birthday Cake

* with buttercream frosting & filling
* detailed design as per requested by customer

Happy Birthday Arissa !!

Thank you for your order Azween :))

A hobbit cake for a cute hobbit-like friend..huhu

1 KG Choc Moist Birthday Cake

* with edible image
* Choc ganache filling & choc frosting

Happy Birthday Azzart

Thank you for your order Farid ;)

MU again..

1 KG Choc Moist Birthday Cake

* with dark choc cheese and filling
* hand- drawn MU logo
* Simple design n wording

Thank you Sarimah

We hope your boss liked the cake :)

Choc Minty, Anniversary & Manchester United

1 KG CHOC MINTY Birthday Cake

* with choc frosting
* edible image (MU & personal)
* wording & simple design

Happy 5th Anniversary Suzlia :)

Ben 10 & Manchester United

A 1KG Choc Moist Birthday Cake

* With BEN-10 edible image frosting
* Buttercream frosting & ganache filling

A 1 KG Choc MOist Birthday Cake

* With Hand-drawn MU Logo
* Dark Choc Cheese Frosting & Filling
* MU edible image logo

Thank you Sugyla

and Happy Birthday Samirren ;)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A tribute to ALL teachers

2 KG TEACHER's Day Cake

*Morning Session *

Assorted Flavour : Butter Vanilla & Choc Moist

*with buttercream frosting

*and ganache filling (CHOC MOIST Cake)

Afternoon Session

This cake was ordered specially by one of my Ustaz

from Sekolah Agama Subang Jaya.

Thank you Ustaz Esa.

* I especially enjoyed delivering the cake and meeting all my

teachers who had taught me well on my knowledge in ISLAM. ;) *

~Barakallahu fi kum~