Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving on to serve u BETTER..InsyaAllah..

Assalamualaikum .

We  apologize for not updating the blog for quite some time.  Do sms/ call me at 012-9769115(Sue Kassim) or juz email me at for quotation. Updated pictures will be in our FB page . Search for I HEART 1978cakes.

Our orders for December is almost full. Thus orders for December will be blocked, plus we are updating our service and products to serve you better. Insya Allah business will commence back  in January 2012.

Till then do take care and Happy MAAL HIJRAH to all our Muslim customers. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Assalamualaikum to all,

during Ramadhan we will limit our order. Please confirm your order

SOONEST possible.

Order for Eidul - fitr will be open till 19/8/11.

Check out our prmotion for all plain cakes, specially to meet

your need for this festive year

click here for Syawal Promotion

Ramadhan Mubarak to all 1978customers, family n friends.

We sincerely hope, this Ramadhan will be the best for all of us

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake & Choc Moist connection..

1/2 KG CHOC MOIST Birthday Cake

* with Strawberry Shortcake edible image

* Wording & simple deco

Happy Birthday Darin Klarissa

Thank you dear Fariza, for all your repeating orders.

We hope the cake adds flavour to your celebration ;)

Mickey Mouse & Friends

1 KG RED VELVET Birthday Cake

* with Mickey Mouse & Friends edible image

* and simple design

Happy Birthday Aliff

Thank you Linda for your order ;)

Flower n all for dear Roseldania

1 KG REd VELVET Birthday Cake

* with sweet & simple deco

* Barbie edible image

* and wording

Happy Birthday Roseldania

Thank you for your order Fariza

* Delivered to Putra Heights*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Triple Celebration

1 KG Birthday Cake

* Flavor : Butter Vanilla Cake

* Cream cheese frosting

* 2D Power puff Girls Blossom Character

1 1.5 KG Dark Choc Flower Cake

* With Dark Choc Cheese Frosting
* Flower design
* Personalized Edible Image

Monday, July 11, 2011

Door Gift

60 pcs of RED VELVET Minicuppies

60 pcs of Lemon Cream Pistachio

*Thank you Mama for your order *

Passion with fruits




* with lemon cheese frosting

Thank you Ayunie ;)

Alhamdulillah..we are ready for this..

Bulk orde of 1000 baby cuppies

Boxes like these x 10pcs

Assorted flavor of :

* RBoldED VELVET with vanilla cheese topping

* Choc Moist with ganace topping

* Banana with banana cheese walnut topping

* Butter vanBoldilla with buttercream topping

*StrawBoldberry marble with buttercream topping

* CHoc Minty with butter cream topping

*Berry Choc with buttercream topping

* CHUNKY Carrot with lemon cheese topping

Swirley Marble with buttercream topping

*Tangy Orange with lemon cheese frosting

* LEMOn Cream PIstachio with lemon cream topping

Its a gift from Ana Shahrana Annuar & Co to AMBank Jalan Pudu

Thank you ANA & Co, and for repating order for another 1960 baby cuppies

and 125 minicuppies.

*Special thanks to Natasyah Annuar for her trust in us

Jazallah hu khairan , ameen ;)) *

A cupcake a day brings a smile today

25 pcs BUTTER VANILLA minicuppies

* With buttercream vanilla frosting

* Detailed design & wording

*Thank you Pauline *

WE hope the cupcakes adds flavor to your small celebration ;))

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Choc Moist with a hint of 2 idols..

A 1 KG CHOC MOIST Birthday Cake

* with dark choc cheese frosting & filling

*Personalized edible image

Thank you Wanie

*We wish a very Happy Birthday to your son ;) *

Disney Princesses Cake

2 KG Butter Vanilla Birthday Cake

* with buttercream frosting

* Disney Princesses edible image

Thank you Ezatul, u have been our loyal customer since the beginning

*Happy Birthday Nurain Alisya ;) *

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

1.5 kg RED VELVET Cake

* with cream cheese frosting

* Personalized Edible Image

* Simple deco

Thank you Dee

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to ur mom, hope she liked the cake ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet design for sweet 'lil baby

25 pcs RED VELVET Minicuppies

* with detailed design

1 Kg Butter Vanilla Birthday Cake

* with buttercream frosting & filling
* detailed design as per requested by customer

Happy Birthday Arissa !!

Thank you for your order Azween :))

A hobbit cake for a cute hobbit-like friend..huhu

1 KG Choc Moist Birthday Cake

* with edible image
* Choc ganache filling & choc frosting

Happy Birthday Azzart

Thank you for your order Farid ;)

MU again..

1 KG Choc Moist Birthday Cake

* with dark choc cheese and filling
* hand- drawn MU logo
* Simple design n wording

Thank you Sarimah

We hope your boss liked the cake :)

Choc Minty, Anniversary & Manchester United

1 KG CHOC MINTY Birthday Cake

* with choc frosting
* edible image (MU & personal)
* wording & simple design

Happy 5th Anniversary Suzlia :)

Ben 10 & Manchester United

A 1KG Choc Moist Birthday Cake

* With BEN-10 edible image frosting
* Buttercream frosting & ganache filling

A 1 KG Choc MOist Birthday Cake

* With Hand-drawn MU Logo
* Dark Choc Cheese Frosting & Filling
* MU edible image logo

Thank you Sugyla

and Happy Birthday Samirren ;)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A tribute to ALL teachers

2 KG TEACHER's Day Cake

*Morning Session *

Assorted Flavour : Butter Vanilla & Choc Moist

*with buttercream frosting

*and ganache filling (CHOC MOIST Cake)

Afternoon Session

This cake was ordered specially by one of my Ustaz

from Sekolah Agama Subang Jaya.

Thank you Ustaz Esa.

* I especially enjoyed delivering the cake and meeting all my

teachers who had taught me well on my knowledge in ISLAM. ;) *

~Barakallahu fi kum~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lemon Cream Pistachio

A 1kg Lemon Cream PIstachio Birthday Cake

* With Lemon Cream Filling

* and Buttercream Frosting

* Simple deco & wording

Birthday for Abah

A 1KG Butter Vanilla Birthday Cake

* With Buttercream Frosting

* with wording & simple design

Thank you Ain

We hope u n ur family enjoy the cake

Assorted cuppies

Assorted Cuppies M (16 pcs/box)

* BANANA with banana cream cheese topping & walnut

* RED VELVET with cream cheese topping

* CHOC MOIST plain

Hope u liked our cuppies

*Thank you Maimudas for ur order*


A treat for the orphans

30 pcs RED VELVET - M size

* in individual casing

* and cream cheese topping

* in a rosette deco

RED VELVET Baby Cuppies (49 pcs x 2 boxes)

* with cream cheese topping

Thank you Rozaini

We hope the orphans are happy woth d cuppies

* Delivered to Bandar Baru Bangi*