Sunday, January 16, 2011

Its Dahlia's Big Day

1/2 kg Butter - vanilla Birthday Cake
With buttercream frosting
and Barbie Mariposa edible image

1 kg Choc Moist Birthday Cake
With buttercream frosting
and Mickey Mouse and friends edible image
(includes a personal picture)
with ganache filling
Thank you again Ainun ;))
Happy Birthday to Dahlia
from all of us in 1978cakes


Assorted Cuppies M (16pcs/box)

Flavour : Choc MOist & Strawberry Marble

With wording and simple design

Happy Engagement Day Sara & Sham

Thank you Norashikin

Happy Birthday MAMA

Our 1st ever Alphabet Cake
Choc Moist Cake
with Choc buttercream frosting
shaped into alphabet
Thank you for your trust in us Ainun.;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Its all about making a child happy!!

Assorted Minicuppies (25 pcs/box)
* Flavour :
Butter-vanilla with PORORO edible images
Choc Moist with wording
Red Velvet with cream cheese topping only
Thank you Dodiana
We hope u're happy with the cuppies Darwish ;))

A Wedding Door Gift

A large order of 240 pcs of Red Velvet minicuppies

Red velvet minicuppes
with cream cheese topping
and heart deco

Thank you Faridah

Congratulations to the bride and groom!