Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lemon Cream Pistachio

A 1kg Lemon Cream PIstachio Birthday Cake

* With Lemon Cream Filling

* and Buttercream Frosting

* Simple deco & wording

Birthday for Abah

A 1KG Butter Vanilla Birthday Cake

* With Buttercream Frosting

* with wording & simple design

Thank you Ain

We hope u n ur family enjoy the cake

Assorted cuppies

Assorted Cuppies M (16 pcs/box)

* BANANA with banana cream cheese topping & walnut

* RED VELVET with cream cheese topping

* CHOC MOIST plain

Hope u liked our cuppies

*Thank you Maimudas for ur order*


A treat for the orphans

30 pcs RED VELVET - M size

* in individual casing

* and cream cheese topping

* in a rosette deco

RED VELVET Baby Cuppies (49 pcs x 2 boxes)

* with cream cheese topping

Thank you Rozaini

We hope the orphans are happy woth d cuppies

* Delivered to Bandar Baru Bangi*

A Family Celebration


* With Lemon Cream Filling

* Personalized Edible Image

* Buttercream frosting n simple deco

A 1 KG CHOC MOIST Birthday Cake

* With ganache filling

* Buttercream frosting n 'Book Style' deco

* Personalized Edible Image

Thank you Erdalina for giving the trust in us to try

a new deco for the cake

* Cake was brought to JOHOR for celebration *

Assorted Baby cuppies & Carrot Cake

Assorted Baby Cuppies (49pcs)

* Lemon Cream Pistachio with lemon cream

* Red Velvet with cream cheese topping

* Strawberry Marble

Chunky Carrot Cake (Mini 300 g)

* With lemon cream cheese topping

Thank you Eliza for your order

and never ending support to our biz

* My dear friend Eliza is the owner of Elyzzmode handbag boutique

and Pretty Flair boutique in Bangi *

Just for herself

Assorted baby cuppies (49 pcs x 2 boxes)

* RED VELVET topped with cream cheese

* BANANA topeed with banana cream cheese & walnut

* LEMON CREAM PISTACHIO topped with lemon cream


* With lemon cream cheese frosting

* Lemon cream filling

* Topped with ground pistachio

Thank you Marshita and

Happy Birthday

She bought all the cake n cuppies to celebrate

her birthday with her loved ones

Thank u again

~our customer from ALAM BUDIMAN~

RED VELVET for Lil Sopheanna

A 500g RED VELVET Birthday Cake

* With cream cheese topping

* WOrding & simple deco

A 500 g RED VELVET Cake

* With Cream cheese topping

* Edible Image & simple deco

Thank you Daliel for ur repeating order :)

~Happy Birthday Sopheanna ~